Practice makes perfect… Escola de Samba Unidos de Itapuã!

From practice in the scenic setting of Lagoa do Abaeté – Itapuã… The rhythms attracting the bands first audience; local children!



I accompanied my host Alberto ( to the rehearsals of one of the samba bands he is playing for during the carnival period; Escola de Samba Unidos de Itapuã. Alberto, an experienced tambourin percussionist for 18 years, teaches the instrument to young people at the school.

“Samba is a popular rhythm developed in Rio de Janeiro, however it was born in Bahia”

Alberto tells me.

“The school is a great opportunity for young people to learn how to play percussion for samba and also maintain the popular music of Bahia. There is also an educational motive. Our young members learn about life!”

The samba school from Itapuã, was formed as a community project in 2007 by 5 members; Ciro Junior, Jose Manoel, Nailton Maia, Binho Maia and Raul Pitanga, with an objective to educate and create young percussionists.

In some of the poorest neighbourhoods of Salvador were there is a high percentage of drugs and violence, many young people grow up believing this is the only path for their life. Having samba schools such as Escola de Samba Unidos de Itapuã, gives young people hope that they can create better experiences for themselves by surrounding themselves in positivity. And music is a great incentive to keep young people ‘off the streets’!

The school consists of both professional and young learners. I was really impressed with the commitment and excitement shown as I attended a few rehearsals. Raul, the group percussion director, was on hand to see the group to perfection as they practised for their carnival performance.

The group received the news that they will be performing in the Pelourinho circuit. Of course I was there to capture some moments on camera! Listen out of the unique uptempo sounds of samba-funk, as the group make another performance in the old city tonight at 8pm.

For more information about Escola de Samba Unidos de Itapuã, join their facebook page by clicking here!

Alberto leads the tambourine percussionists…






To the performance in Pelourinho! Their energy was contagious gathering a large crowd very quickly.










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