Finding myself here… Sathya Sai Centre, Haiti


Well, a whole week has gone by since I’ve been in Haiti so I thought I’d  give you a snippet of what I’ve been up to…

Here are the smiling faces of the children from the various camps Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation Haiti deliver 2000 cooked meals to. Their smiles are so pure and genuine. Smiles gained from trust and respect knowing that they will see the Sathya Sai Organisation delivery vehicle everyday (except on rest day- sunday). The organisation is still providing food for the needy years after the devastation of the Haiti earthquake in 2010. The spotlight has long faded along with the media who’ve turned away their cameras. Yet the Sathya Sai World Foundation Haiti are still keeping alive the beacon of light you see shining in the eyes of these children.

That’s God’s glory shining back at me…

I never would have thought I’d find myself beginning a spiritual journey here in Haiti. I arrived with an intent to help these children in some small way. Never thinking they would rather be helping me in a big way. A journey I didn’t expect to take… Starting here in the Sai Baba centre! I wasn’t even sure who Sathya Sai Baba was six weeks ago. Was he a prophet? A religion? A God?.. Frankly, I still don’t know the exact answer but I like the aura of being in his presence at the centre. I came as myself and his followers asked me for nothing… Not a penny. Not even if I was a Sai Baba believer. They just knew I wanted to help and they welcomed me… They believed in me.

That’s God.

There comes a time in our lives when we’ll question the purpose of our being and our beliefs will be challenged. I am not one to be easily swayed into compromising my personal beliefs because of my environment, even if I am open-minded. This rather is a test of my faith. It is perhaps  those of us that aren’t strong in what we believe in that fear something different. There are many paths to, first and foremost, finding God, before knowing God. Spirituality isn’t a religion. It should be a way of life. And in that sense I’m open to absorb teachings which will benefit me in leading a fulfilled life… Because lets face it, with the overwhelming pressures of society, we need all the help we can get!

There is a Divinity that many of us seek through religion, when all along it’s actually within us…

It’s called Love.

When we love each other- that’s God.

When we love ourselves- that’s God.

My journey continues…!

Look out for my video interview with Carlos Suarez, and Shanti Paudel, Sathya Sai Centre Haiti coordinators and my hosts during my stay in Haiti. Thank you both for the amazing work you’re doing and the opportunity to experience it.


a little princess
a little princess
The children running to the car to greet Shanti ‘Paudel’ and Carlos








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