#TheRaceIsOver: Let’s Talk About Racial Discrimination – Haiti/Dominican Republic MOSCTHA

https://youtu.be/6AmnH2BJ9JY Interview with Socio-Cultural Movement for Haitian Workers (MOSCTHA) human rights lawyer Genaro Rincón (Spanish), with proposal writer and translator Zahid Alan Perez. #TheRaceIsOver is  a series of interviews on the topic of racial equality. An open forum allowing a safe space to discuss delicate subjects revolved around race. Let's start talking about it. #BlackHistoryMonthUK

Beyond Your World – Beyond Brazil!

"Ongoing demonstrations, the upcoming World Cup, preparations for the Olympic Games and approaching elections - 2014 is considered to be a very important year for Brazil. Consequently, many stories are out there waiting to be covered. Beyond Your World would like to make a big contribution with this special project and needs your help!" On... Continue Reading →

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