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Daily Prompt from wordpress.com

We all need a little nudge every now and again –  even experienced bloggers! I just love the concept of the Daily Prompt from dailypost.wordpress.com

Each day a new word or phrase is handed out to fuel some stimulating for writing a post. I work best when I’m given a task to complete! So I set to the challenge of doing my ‘homework’ as though still in school. I bring to the table whatever I can produce – sometimes it’s late but never-the-less, I perform the task! I like reading other blogger’s take on the prompt.

Here are the ones I’ve taken part in:

Daily Prompt: Cupids Arrow – You know she’s the one

Daily Prompt: A plot of earth- Chocolate like me

Daily Prompt: Proud- Carnival da Bahia Ouro Negro

Daily Prompt: Far from normal- 5 quotes that bring me to reality

Daily Prompt: Seconds- Sugar and spice and all things nice… Seconds!

Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After- Fears of a Travel Addict… Beyond the fairytale

Daily Prompt: Cliché- To my friend in sorrow… Beyond condolences

Daily Prompt: Comedy of Errors- Comedy of Errors… When does it stop being funny?

Daily Prompt: First Light- Passport to Reality… The right time

Daily Prompt: Beach, Mountain, Forest or somewhere else entirely?- Beach, Mountain, Forest… or simply Rio de Janeiro?

Daily Prompt: Beach, Mountain, Forest or somewhere else entirely?- Another round of Czech please!

Have you taken up a word prompt challenge lastly? Let me know your thoughts about it!

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